After School Drawing & Painting Classes for Children Ages K-12

KidzArt offers afterschool classes to elementary, middle, and high schools throughout Cary, Morrisville, Holly Springs, and Apex. Our certified instructors are thouroughly background checked, highly artistic, and have extensive experience teaching children. Our instructors bring all the supplies and come directly to your school/location to teach.

Our Classes

KidzArt is a drawing-based art program, so our core projects focus on drawing and painting using professional-grade art materials including prisma markers, watercolors, art stix, oil/chalk pastels, and much more.  Our classes are taught in a non-competitive environment and welcoming to children of all skill levels. 

Our classes serve a completely different purpose from the art classes offered to students during the school day. At KidzArt, we focus specifically on serving children who are seeking additional education (outside of their current school's art program) to further develop their drawing and painting skills. Since KidzArt employs artists (with teaching backgrounds), many parents and children seek out our classes to learn professional techniques that help them become better artists.

How it Works

Having KidzArt at your school requires minimal accomodations on your part. We just need 1 or 2 classrooms and you pick the day/time of the week that works for your school for us to offer classes. We are an approved program by Wake County Public School system and have been teaching after school art classes at Wake County Schools for over 15 years. KidzArt also handles all student registrations, so there is nothing required of your school.

How Will Children Benefit From KidzArt?

KidzArt enhances a child's experience of art. Kids have a great need to express themselves in many ways — artistically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. KidzArt impacts each and every area of expression. The KidzArt classroom is a non-competitive environment enhanced by soft music that allows children to focus and enjoy what they are doing. Parents see the difference in the quality of art their children bring home. Kids get immediate results as their enthusiasm for art increases.

KidzArt impacts their lives by sparking their creative process in other areas as well. KidzArtreaches the artistic individual as well as those who never thought they could draw or create works of art!

Sign-Up for a Free KidzArt Class

We do offer a free class to schools interested in learning more about KidzArt. If you'd like to sign up for a free KidzArt class, you may sign up via the link below and we will contact you shortly to schedule your class.

Register Here for a free KidzArt Class (Schools/Daycares Only)

For more information about KidzArt reach out to Karen Tanzini, Director, at or call (919) 601-2272