What do students do in a KidzArt class?

• Have fun while creating cool art to display
• Explore a broad range of art techniques and mediums
• Learn that problems can have more than one solution
• Choose variations for each project - not a "copy exactly" approach
• Learn techniques for focusing, relaxing, and reducing stress
• Gain drawing skills AND self-confidence
• Think creatively in a non-competitive environment
• Have access to high quality art materials used by artists
• Always be excited by new curriculum--both 2- and 3-D
• Enhance knowledge of other subjects (anthropology, science, geography etc)

When and where are KidzArt classes held?

KidzArt classes are available at educational facilities - public and private schools, YMCA/YWCA sites, parks and recreation centers, churches, retail businesses and assisted living centers with the elderly (SeniorzArt), as well as a host of other facilities. Classes are offered as complementary and extracurricular enrichment, as well as core art programs for private and charter schools during the school day. Additional exciting offerings include: homeschool groups, birthday parties, workshops and holiday/summer camps. We offer adult classes too! 

Who provides instruction?

All KidzArt instructors have had a background check through a multi-state database search and are fully certified by KidzArt. KidzArt Certified Instructors go through comprehensive training on the KidzArt method. Many have classroom experience. are elementary teachers or are artists themselves. The KidzArt program is a national program and its methods have been proven for over 15 years!

After KidzArt class, do I need to pick up my child from the KidzArt classroom?

In order to ensure the safety of your child, all children are picked up from the KidzArt classroom, unless you have instructed us on your registration form - for example "return to after school care" or "walk home". If you would like to meet your child anywhere else besides the KidzArt classroom, including the front of the school, please make a request in writing or tell us on your registration form. Your child's safety is our number one concern. 

Does my child need to bring anything?

No, KidzArt provides all artist-quality supplies.

Is every class or session different?

Yes, KidzArt projects will never repeat.

Where can I get more information?

Please call or email the KidzArt Office.

The value of Art education:

Not only are KidzArt classes fun and challenging but students involved in the arts are 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement. "Young artists, as compared with their peers, are more likely to: Attend music, art, and dance classes nearly three times as frequently. Participate in youth groups nearly four times as frequently. Read for pleasure nearly twice as often. Perform community service more than four times as often."

What types of media are introduced throughout the year?

We primarily feature artist quality drawing mediums such as Prismacolor Markers, ArtStix, Oil and Chalk Pastels and Charcoal. We also introduce a wide variety of other 2- and 3-D mediums such as Sand Art, Scratch Art, Sculpture Mediums, Clay, Watercolor, Fabric Painting, Print Making, Metal Tooling, Collage, Weaving, Marbleizing, Mask Making, Solar Printing, Book Making and Artist Trading Cards to name a few.

How does your program inspire creativity?

The KidzArt method is an inspiring format and structure that sets the stage for creative exploration. Each class not only teaches the elements of art and design, but also exercises in creative thinking.

Do you offer home-school classes?

Yes! KidzArt can come to your homeschool group. We also invite homeschoolers to join us at any KidzArt program around the community. Let us know how we can assist with your art education needs.